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I applied my Schengen Visa here in French Embassy in Phnom Penh. I went to get the application form personally at the French Embassy. What I didn’t know is that I can print the form from their website.

When I got the list of required documents, I worked on it right away. After completing my documents, I called up the embassy for the appointment.

I was naive to think that the appointment time could be set immediately. In my case, the schedule they gave for submission of documents and interview was two weeks away from the time I called them up. If I had known this, I would have called them up first to set up the appointment date and then prepare the documents.

But in any case, there was really no harm done. My travel date was still two months away. I was just excited.

Documents to submit (Original copies)
1.) Completed form – one per applicant
2.) Colour passport ID photo – 35mm x 45mm (width x height)
3.) Passport and old passports if any
4.) Flight booking – it doesn’t have to be a paid booking. Just a confirmed booking.
5.) Hotel booking – same as the flight booking
6.) Travel Itinerary
7.) Birth certificate and Marriage certificate
8.) Employment certificate
9.) Company payslip
10.) Bank Statement
11.) Health/Medical Insurance – minimum coverage of 30,000 Euro
12.) Visa fee application worth 60 Euro per applicant, 35 Euro for children 6-12yo and free for children under 6yo.

I also submitted a photocopy of all the original documents I submitted. It’s part of their requirement, by the way.

I went to the embassy on my appointment date. When it was my time, I was called to go inside an office. A gentleman asked for my papers. He leafed through it and then asked me some questions.

It did not feel like an interview at all. He just asked about my work, my itinerary in Paris.

After that, he took a picture of me and took my finger prints for biometric visa. Kids under twelve years old are exempted.

After that, the gentleman said I can follow up for my visa after 5 working days. My visa application experience was smooth and easy contrary to what I have heard. When I was called after the 5th working day, I was informed to collect my Schengen Visa and the original documents I submitted.

That is all! I got my Schengen Visa!